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Yes Dear, There  Really is a Devil

Join our young Adventurers as they partake on a journey to avoid Satan and his snares! Equipped with their shield of Faith and the sword of God's truth, they battle through different choices to make.The wide path or the narrow path; which way should they go? Where do these paths end? Find out what they choose.

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The idea for this book came while trying to explain the reality of the devil to my four year old son. After looking around for a book and not finding what I was looking for, I decided to put something together myself. After putting thoughts down on paper and drawing stick figures, I was so very blessed to meet a talented artist named Erin McKay and a devoted Christian author named Johnnie Coley, who helped me move forward with my ideas. God has designed this book to be a blessing for you, the reader and all children. To God be the Glory!   - Chris Rader

 About the Authors

 Chris Rader -

Chris Rader grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. After graduating from the University of Kentucky with a B.S. degree in Animal Husbandry, she started a career with thoroughbred racehorses. As she moved around the east coast, she desired to grow spiritually and become more knowledgeable about the word of God. She began her Christian journey in 2001. Chris is the devoted and loving wife of a wonderful godly preacher, and the mother of two lovely children.

Her heart was drawn to this project to help spiritually strengthen her young children as they deal with their enemy and help other parents who have this same desire as well. One of her greatest desires, apart from serving God with all her talents, gifts, and abilities, is to become the wife and mother that God wants her to be. Her heart thanks God for this blessed opportunity often.

Johnnie Coley -

Johnnie Coley maintains passion about two things in life: God and children. She refers to God as the love of her life and to children as the blessings that will make her a better person.

She has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Florida A&M University and  a Master's Degree in Human Services Management from Nova University. She has worked with children for over 27 years. She is the author of three books entitled "New Birth in Christ"; "The Truth about You: The Resurrection of the Sinful Nature" and "Parenting with Power". She has joined Chris Rader in this project to bring light to the influence of the devil in the lives of small children.



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